There are several ways that goods and services may be purchased, depending on what is being purchased and the dollar amount and/or nature of the purchase(s).

Purchasing Methods

MarketPlace is the preferred method for procurements needs by the University regarding contract vendors who are cataloged in this system. There are two exceptions to this rule being:

  1. Staples - We are required to use Marketplace to purchase items from them unless you cannot find the specific item you need or you need an item the same day. A business justification will be needed if the item is purchased the same day.
  2. Office Furniture - The University-wide price agreement with Colorado Correctional Industries (CCi), is mandatory for the purchase of office furniture (including conference room and lounge furniture) and office systems. Before proceeding with the purchase of any type of office furnishings outside this price agreement, departments must obtain approval from the PSC through the waiver process.

It's advised that faculty or at least one member of each faculty-led group has Shopper access to MarketPlace. 

  1. Continue to shop as usual and create your cart.
  2. Attach any required documents to your cart
    1. Go to the “Internal Notes and Attachments” tab located to the immediate right of accounting codes and “add comments” to include the appropriate funding speedtype and percent distribution, if applicable. If unknown, leave blank.  
    2. If your purchase is made using a fund 30/31 and more than $3,500.00, please contact Re to obtain purchase approval (to avoid audit findings at project close out
  3. Assign your cart to Nancy Johnsen ( to review and submit the order. If there are any issues with your cart, Nancy will reach out for clarification/adjustments as needed.

Those who do not have MarketPlace Shopper access should email their purchase request, including the funding speedtype and expense justification, to Nancy Johnsen for processing. 

The Environmental Studies Program permits faculty, researchers, staff, and graduate students who are active employees of the University to become Procurement cardholders. You should use the University VISA card as appropriate for your small-dollar purchases. The use of a Procurement Card requires that you know and follow University, Sponsor, State, & Federal fiscal regulations and provide all of the necessary documentation through the P-Card Program including receipts and reporting.

If you have questions, please contact the program's financial administrator Nancy Johnsen.

To obtain a Procurement Card, fill out the Cardholder Application and submit your request to Nancy Johnsen. If you are a non-faculty member, you will be required to obtain written approval from your supervisor and provide that documentation with your completed application. Once the program approves your request it will be submitted to the Procurement Service Center (PSC) for final processing. The applicant should receive his/her/their Procurement Card within 10 business days AFTER passing the following online courses in your Skill Portal within the CU Portal:

  • Procurement Card Cardholder Training

  • Fiscal Code of Ethics Training Procurement-Purchasing

  • Contract Management Training

The Environmental Studies Program utilizes the colleges Financial Services Center who acts as a delegate to build and create Concur Reports. The ENVS dedicated FSC Account Technician is Lena Cinnamon (

  1. To reconcile procurement expenses, complete the online FSC Procurement Card Receipt form including itemized receipts, and have a copy of the request sent to
    1. Alternatively, cardholders can email their receipts, including the speedtype and business justification, to Nancy Johnsen who will fill out and complete the reconciliation form on the cardholders behalf.
  2. The ENVS-dedicated FSC Accounting Technician, Lena Cinnamon (, will create your report and review it at the college level.
  3. Once the report is reviewed internally and ready to submit, Lena will send an email request to submit your report.
    • Please do not submit your report until you've received an email from Lena. If you see "Wait" in the title of a report, it is not ready to submit!

Contact the programs financial administrator Nancy Johnsen with any questions.

See the programs Travel Procedures webpage for more details about obtaining and using a University Travel Card.


In some cases, individuals can be reimbursed for expenses non-travel related. Please keep in mind the following important notes:

  • The time limit for turning in receipts for personal reimbursement is 90 days from the date of the purchase.
  • Taxes are not reimbursable to faculty, researcher, or staff who elect to use a personal card for university purchases, as they have multiple tax-exempt purchasing options.
  • Meals purchased on a personal card are subject to the 20% pre-tax tip maximum. Tipping of any amount over the 20% pre-tax will not be reimbursed.
  • Conference registration fees booked with your personal card cannot be reimbursed until the conference is complete. A Procurement Card should be used instead.
  • Computers and tablets purchased with personal funds are not reimbursable.

  1. Gather all itemized receipts and complete the online FSC Personal/Non-Travel Reimbursement Request form.
  2. Follow the instructions on the form and upload all required documentation.
  3. If the Reimbursement Request includes food/beverages an Official Function form will also be required. 
    • An official function is a meeting, meal, or other function that is hosted by an organizational unit, attended by guests and/or associates or employees, and held for official university business. All official functions must comply with the Administrative Policy Statement Propriety of Expenses and the PSC Procedural Statement (PPS) Sensitive Expenses. Lists all attendees including their relationship to the University
  4. If the Requestor is a CU Boulder student, please include your Student ID with your request

Contact the programs financial administrator, Nancy Johnsen, with any questions.

  1. Gather all itemized receipts and complete a Non-Employee Reimbursement Request form.
  2. Follow the instructions on the form and submit all required documentation, including a residential address for the check, to the programs financial administrator, Nancy Johnsen, for review and processing.
  3. If the non-employee is a CU Boulder student, include the Student ID in the Other Comments section of the Non-Employee Reimbursement Request form.

Contact the programs financial administrator with any questions.

*Food and beverage are considered Official Functions and are sensitive expenses. For additional information, see the University Procedural Statement