The Masters of the Environment Degree is an 18 month interdisciplinary, applications-focused professional master’s degree that meets the growing demand for analytically trained and skilled environmental professionals who can address complex problems encountered in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors. The MENV core curriculum provides students with a foundational understanding of the dominant structures, processes, and dynamics within and between environmental, social, institutional, and economic systems.

What can you do with an MENV Degree

With an employment placement rate of 89%, this degree prepares students for a wide range of professional careers in conservation, consulting, energy, natural resources, planning, policy, sustainability, and more. Students take courses that equip them to address real-world environmental challenges and to understand how various stakeholders can be engaged effectively in the decision-making process. Through the Capstone Project, students also gain a year of professional experience with an external organization while in the program. 

The program focuses on leadership, problem-solving, and application, and has four primary curricular components:

  • The core curriculum
  • A choice of topical specializations
  • Electives that support the topical specialization
  • Capstone Project