Denise Muthike
Ph.D. Student
Environmental Studies

Denis is an environmental and geospatial scientist currently working with the Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD) as the Weather and Climate Lead in the NASA-SERVIR Eastern and Southern Africa project in Nairobi, Kenya. There, he leads a team of specialists and data scientists working on various climate resilience-related topics in the region. Denis's current research integrates data from earth observations, models, and ground measurements to develop geospatial products and services that provide information for climate resilience interventions in a range of areas in natural and social systems. His research is currently providing information to decision-makers in water and food security resilience initiatives across Eastern Africa.


  • MSc, Climate Change, Dept of Meteorology, University of Nairobi, Kenya
  • BSc, Environmental Science, Environmental Dept, Kenyatta University, Kenya

Recent Publications

  • Macharia, D., Kaijage, E., Kindberg, L., Koech, G., Ndungu, L., Wahome, A., Mugo, R. (2020). Mapping Climate Vulnerability of River Basin Communities in Tanzania to Inform Resilience Interventions. Sustainability. 12. 10.3390/su12104102. 
  • Mwangi, M., Kituyi, E., Ouma, G., Macharia, D. (2020). Indicator Approach to Assessing Climate Change Vulnerability of Communities in Kenya: A Case Study of Kitui County. American Journal of Climate Change. 09. 53-67. 10.4236/ajcc.2020.92005.
  • de Sherbinin, A., Bukvic, A., Rohat, G., Gall, M., McCusker, B., Preston, B., Apotsos, A., Fish, C., Kienberger, S., Muhonda, P., Wilhelmi, O., Macharia, D., Shubert, W., Sliuzas, R., Tomaszewski, B., Zhang, S. (2019). Climate vulnerability mapping: A systematic review and future prospects. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change. 10. 10.1002/wcc.600. 
  • Wanyonyi, I., Macharia, D., Heenan, A., Mangi, S. (2018). Using Participatory Methods to Assess Data Poor Migrant Fisheries in Kenya. Human Dimensions of Wildlife. 23. 1-18. 10.1080/10871209.2018.1488304. 
  • Funk, C., Davenport, F., Galu, L., Pomposi, C., Macharia, D., Husak, G., Faka, D. (2018). Anthropogenic Enhancement of Moderate-to-Strong El Niño Events Likely Contributed to Drought and Poor Harvests in Southern Africa During 2016. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. 99. 10.1175/BAMS-D-17-0112.1. 
  • Thomas, E., Needoba, J., Kaberia, D., Butterworth, J., Adams, E., Oduor, P., Macharia, D., Mitheu, F., Mugo, R., Nagel, C. (2019). Quantifying increased