Formal Amorina
Ph.D. Student
Environmental Studies


  • BA in Environmental Studies, CU Boulder (2014)
  • BA in Studio Arts, CU Boulder (2014)
  • MS Environmental Studies, CU Boulder (2017)

Research Interests

  • Environmental, social, and Indigenous history of land and water in the Four Corners region and the Colorado River Watershed
  • Studying contemporary alliances, conflicts and stalemates around water rights and water priorities in the Dolores Watershed region
  • Studying contemporary Indigenous experiences with land and water in the Four Corners region and the Colorado River Watershed
  • Research focus on the Dolores River, a tributary of the Colorado River

Major Field/Concentration

Western Watershed Management
Sciences Core


Amorina is from the Four Corners region in Southwest Colorado. She is attending graduate school at the University of Colorado Boulder working with Patty Limerick, founder of the Center of the American West. Amorina received her Masters in Environmental Studies from CU Boulder in 2017. Her Masters thesis is entitled: What Helps and Hinders Collaboration for River Management?: Four Case Studies in the Dolores River Watershed

Now in pursuit of her PhD in Environmental Studies at CU Boulder, Amorina is investigating community division about water management on the Dolores River to learn how prior appropriation water rights, changing populations, and a changing climate affect relationships among river stakeholders. With this research she is acting on her role as a future ancestor. Her goal is to be involved in efforts to sustain water in her home community for generations to come, and to apply novel understandings from her research to other Colorado River contexts.