Amie Redding
Graduate and Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Environmental Studies



B.S. English Education, Hannibal LaGrange University

M.S. Library Science, Northeastern University

M.A. Adolescent Psychology, Pillsbury College


Amie has spent her career in nonprofits and public schools, working with volunteers, as an on-stage personality, a teacher, a librarian, and in administration. She is known for creative, innovative thinking and being a problem-solver. Her greatest flaw is bursting out into song throughout the day.


In her free time, Amie loves spending time with her two children, playing bass, kickboxing, trying to avoid falling down while roller skating and exploring all that Colorado has to offer.


My job is to support and enhance the Environmental Studies Department’s goals and objectives.  With that in mind, the tasks I am working on are ever evolving, apart from the following categories:

  • Assisting with Operations
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Committee Support
  • Event Planning
  • Soliciting, Organizing, and Submitting Various Evaluations and Forms
  • Enrollment Issues
  • Graduate Student Guidance
  • Course Scheduling
  • Catalog Updates
  • Volunteer Program