ENVD 1004: Introduction to Environmental Design

ENVD 1004  is a required introductory level course for all ENVD majors. During this course you will be exposed to the fundamentals of design as well as various different design practices. This course gives a basic understanding of what ENVD is and what careers are available for graduates from our program. By the end of this course we hope students have a better understanding of where they want to head in their design careers and how ENVD can help them get there.

Course structure: The course includes two lecture classes and one recitation class per week. Lectures will cover basics of Environmental Design as well as introduce students to various design professions through multiple guest lectures. The intention of the recitations are to clarify materials covered in lectures and go over assignments. Small lectures will be given in recitations to help students with time managements skills, sketching, and other components for succeeding in ENVD’s rigorous program. 

Peer Leaders

Peer Leaders (PLs): Peer leaders are undergraduate students in ENVD who facilitate recitation sections. Peer Leaders work closely with a small group of incoming students to help them succeed both in ENVD 1004, and through their transition to their other classes in ENVD as well. 

Brea Workman

Ellie Hassan

Elyse Skinner 

Karah Parrs

Logan Kimbrel

Miranda Maiers

Olivia Flynn

Olivia Herbert

Natalie Bognanno

Rebecca Randolph 

Would you like to serve as a leader and role model to your peers? Do you have an enthusiasm for the rigor of the ENVD program? Then consider submitting an application to become a Peer Leader for the fall semester. 

We are looking for highly-motivated, highly-qualified individuals who can facilitate a recitation section of ENVD 1004.

ENVD Peer Leaders must:

  • be enrolled full-time as an ENVD student
  • have a GPA of 2.75 or above
  • commit to working 5-6 hours a week
  • feel comfortable leading a group of people
  • have strong communication skills
  • take ENVD 3929 (Leadership & Mentorship) in Fall 2017 semester
  • have a passion for helping others

For more information, contact:

Sheryl Levart-Koutsis
Manager, Advising Center for Excellence (ACE) 
(303) 735-2867