Non-ENVD students interested in pursuing a minor in Environmental Design can choose from three possible tracks, one in Design, one in Theory, and one in Planning.  The ENVD minor provides an approach to identifying and solving complex problems within the context of the built environment and a foundation in theory, history, and methodology employed in fields such as architecture, planning, landscape architecture and related design disciplines. 

Visit the ENVD Minor page for more information and to apply.

Current ENVD students are encouraged to explore the opportunity of adding a certificate or minor to their studies. The following are a few certificates that the program supports towards its Praxis semester. Students interested in the certificate options below or in any alternative certificate or minor offered at CU, for the Praxis semester, or in addition to their primary study, should contact their academic advisor to have a plan set in place prior to their junior year. 

Please see the CU Certificate Programs website for information on all certificate options and the CU Pursuing Double Degrees, Double Majors and Minors website for more information on minors.