Green Technology banner showing a small section of a wooden table built from recycled wood.

Instructor: Julee Herdt, Professor of Architecture, Architect AIA
BioSIPs, Inc, CEO, Founder

Course Objectives:

  • Focus on reused/recycled sources and non-toxic techniques in design and fabrication
  • Design and build with reduced energy and maintenance as guiding forces
  • Establish a personal aesthetic based on the beauty of reuse
  • Find, don’t buy and thus push creativity

Course Description:

Green Tech is a “real build” course in which students advance their knowledge of environmental design through full-scale construction of architectural elements, furnishings, accessories, household items, lamps, outdoor gear, and even clothing.


In Green Tech, the goal is to spend no money -- or as little as possible -- in order to push design experimentation and creativity, find new sources for design from scraps and waste, and help reduce solid waste to the landfill.  In class, students learn to speak their minds, become resourceful, share ideas, express values, develop fearlessness in material experimentation, and thus find their own unique design voice.

Giving Back Through Design:

Through collaborations with design companies and businesses such as HW Home, FACTORYImade, and Design Within Reach, Green Tech students frequently sell their functional art and architecture projects and donate proceeds in order to raise money for charities such as the Boulder Humane Society, the Dairy Center for the Arts, and CU’s Students in Recovery Center.  The goal is to help students learn the importance of giving back through great design while supporting a cleaner, healthier world.