The program augments traditional core studio classes with an interdisciplinary, non-traditional educational experience called Praxis, a semester-long integrated project where upper division students take learning outside the classroom, to study abroad or engage in community-oriented design, planning, or design-build projects. The Praxis semester options are diverse. In the spring of 2015, Praxis project options for the students engaged local communities with issues such as net-zero energy buildings, low-cost housing with local materials, community parks, urban agriculture, ecological urbanism, and designs for improving land management in a national park. Each studio is run by a faculty and outside community consultant and connects our students back to a broader world of issues. About 20 percent of ENVD students study abroad, and the numbers are growing. Global Seminars in Rome, Turkey and La Paz during the summer enable participants to study environmental design in international venues for academic credit.

Praxis Courses: Spring/Summer 2016

ENVD 3300: Ecological Urbanism - Downtown Silverthorne

ENVD 3300: ENVD + AREN Sustainable Design Competition

ENVD 3300: Green Infrastructure Westwood

ENVD 3300: Lama Foundation Design-Build

ENVD 3300: Tree X Office Design-Build

Praxis Courses: Spring/Summer 2015

ENVD 3300: Glen Haven Flood Reconstruction

ENVD 3300: Jarrow Montessori Community Design-Build

ENVD 3300: Park Hill Green Infrastructure Design

ENVD 3300: Lama Foundation Design-Build

Praxis Courses: Spring/Summer 2014

ENVD 3300: Food Hub Praxis Studio

ENVD 3300: Green Neighborhood Superstudio

ENVD 3300: Lama Foundation

Praxis Courses: Spring/Summer 2013

ENVD 3300:  Agrarian Urbanism

ENVD 3300:  Ecological Urbanism Superstudio

ENVD 3300:  Lama Foundation

ENVD 4340:  Burke Park Design Build

ENVD 4365:  Green Technology