Does a mentor help with homework?

A mentor can answer any questions and offer their advice on your project but they will not help you complete your project or do anything to compromise their dedication to CU Boulder's Honor Code.

What kind of questions can mentors answer?

The Peer Mentor/Mentee relationship is hopefully a friendship. The mentor is someone the mentee can count on all year long for social, personal, and general advice as well as someone to show them around and hang out.

What happens if my mentor and I don’t get along?

If you do not get along with you mentor for various differences between you two you can request a switch of mentor.

How long does the Mentee/Mentor relationship last?

The mentee remains a mentee for their entire freshmen year. At the end of the year the mentee can apply early to be a mentor the next year.

Can I quit the program if I think I don’t need it anymore?

You can choose to not participate in the program in the second semester, but we encourage still keeping in contact with your mentor as a friend and still attending the free Peer Mentor Events.

Is the Mentor position paid?

Being a mentor is on volunteer basis, however mentors receive special benefits like TA credit and early registration.

Who can apply to be a Peer Mentor?

Any student above their freshmen year enrolled in Environmental Design can become a Peer Mentor to incoming freshmen. The applicant must be in good academic standing, have an interest in the ENVD program and community, and believes they can be a positive role model to a new student.