Justin Bellucci, 2018.
SENIOR INSTRUCTOR • Design-Build • Green Building • Graphic Design • Fabrication • Product Design • Human Centered Design • Digital Fabrication • Qualitative Methods • Communication • Presentation • Persuasion & Argumentation
Architecture • Product Design

Office: ENVD 144

Justin completed his graduate education in Building Systems Engineering and subsequent research at Belimo Automation in Hinwil, Switzerland. He now shares his time with the University as the Director of Engineering for a local MEP Engineering design firm. Justin is particularly interested in the convergence of IT and building technology in both the commercial and residential markets. The focus of his research has primarily been on high-performance control systems and web application development for the purpose of developing more robust data acquisition techniques and control strategies for commercial buildings.

Justin is very interested in how energy monitoring and building controls, married with a social component, will ultimately influence how the building stock in the US evolves in reaction to increased efficiency measures and regulations. Justin hopes to combine his design background with engineering knowledge to solve some of our world’s toughest energy problems.

In addition to his professional career, Justin is an avid endurance athlete who has completed numerous Leadville endurance events.