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Photography and Promotions 

Please submit all requests by Wednesday, end of day, a week prior to your event.
Requests made after the deadline will be filled at the discretion of the Communications Manager.


Events: pin-ups, site visits, community gatherings

  • Let us know of any interesting happenings in your studios and classes

Portraits: faculty & staff, student groups

  • Single portraits will be done by request only
  • Group photos are encouraged for student groups and organizations
  • Please remember to wear neutral colored clothing without logos or graphics

Projects: design-build, praxis, group designs

  • Students are responsible for photographing their personal work using the DMC studio
  • Large-scale class projects may be by request
  • If visiting a visually significant site or hosting a well-known guest in your class, please request by the Wednesday deadline

Remember:  Professional-level cameras are available from the DMC free of charge for ENVD faculty, students and staff. 


Social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc… 

If you have an event you’d like to publicize, please contact us by the Wednesday deadline. 


  • Provide all relevant information and any design requests including date, time, place, organization, event description and poster dimensions (default: 11x17)
  • Upon completion, Comms staff will print and hang posters for you inside of the ENVD building
  • If you need posters hung outside of ENVD or at the CINC, we are happy to print extra for you to distribute.