Ashley Chadwick
Academic Coach
Undergraduate Advising

Ashley joins Environmental Design as the Manager for the Academic Coaching program. She collaborates with ENVD’s Advising Team to develop and implement impactful outreach, support, and programming that enhances student success and promotes student retention and graduation. As a first-generation college graduate, Ashley remains passionate about preserving access to educational opportunities by championing a student success model that integrates holistic and culturally competent scaffolding.

Prior to joining ENVD, Ashley worked as a Senior Academic Coordinator on The University of Texas Athletics Student Services team and holds a Master of Arts in Architectural History from The University of Texas at Austin. A non-digital native with a robust concern for the “real,” she overindulged a love of semiotics and memory studies as a student, specifically engaging narratives of city-building and collective trauma to discern the distortion that follows from representation. In addition to the dogmatic postmodern, this currently translates into a healthy obsession with dystopian and stoic literature, desert sunsets, and mid-century nostalgia.

Please be sure to connect with Ashley to welcome her to the ENVD community and to collaborate on student success initiatives through Academic Coaching.