Published: Feb. 25, 2014

Marianne was invited to present her outreach project "Experiencing the Three Legged Stool: Social, Economic and Environmental Education Through the Mariposa Redevelopment" at the Atmosphere Symposium at the University of Manitoba at the beginning of February. The symposium explores the less tangible aspects of design and experience: the ephemeral, social, situational, emotional, elemental, phenomenal and epiphenomenal conditions of our shared world.  Her presentation was double blind peer reviewed and accepted for the symposium presentation and publication.

Experiencing the Three Legged Stool Project Goals:
This community engagement project establishes a partnership with Workshop8 architecture firm in Boulder, the Denver Housing Authority, and Designers Without Boundaries (DWB). DWB is an academic support and scholarship program for financially at risk, first-generation and historically underrepresented students in the Program in Environmental Design at the University of Colorado Boulder. The primary goal for the Mariposa Redevelopment community outreach project is to enrich student understanding of the interrelationships of sustainability; to experience the social, environmental and economical aspects of design. The students participate in the process of design and construction of a LEED accredited, affordable housing project in Denver. The redevelopment will integrate planning, design, and operations to promote economic, environmental, and social vitality. The DWB Environmental design students will have opportunities to participate in the diverse aspect of design, attend community meetings, learn about LEED standards, and observe architecture under construction.