Published: Feb. 11, 2014

On February 6, ENVD students and an ENVD graduate served as graphic illustrators during the City of Boulder’s Bike/Walk Summit, enabling the city to bring the Co-Design process for participatory design from Vancouver, Canada to the United States. The originator of Co-Design, Canadian architect Stanley King, and his colleague artist Susan Chung, presented this process during the ENVD Fall Lecture Series last November. As part of the process, artists work with small groups of 4-8 participants, creating scenes of public spaces as participants respond to questions about the activities they would like to engage in and sensory experiences they would like to have. By volunteering to do the drawings, ENVD students made it possible for the city to introduce Co-Design to 140 Summit participants. Appreciation goes to Christy Horber, ENVD graduate, and current ENVD students Nathan Brien, James Bowe, Lane Calabro, Travis Cobb, Jon Fenton, Mariah Hermsmeyer, Deanna Hurd, Anna Reynoso and Bill Shrum. Mara Mintzer, Tori Derr and Louise Chawla organized ENVD collaboration through the Children, Youth and Environments Center.