Published: Sept. 5, 2013

Two CU-Boulder ENVD classes have joined forces for the the City of Boulder Burke Park re-visioning project, including 10 seniors completing a capstone course and 15 juniors fulfilling the environmental design program’s praxis requirement. The mandatory praxis curriculum is customizable and incorporates practical experience into the coursework of each student. Co-instructors David Kahn and Brian Cook are leading the group.

The outdoor classroom will be a deck-like structure with a cutout in the center and parts that fold, transforming flat surfaces into seating. Plans also are slated to develop an arboretum with mounds—an educational area allowing tree identifying, for example, as well as play and shade. Additionally, a set of mini biomes, or microcosms of natural habitats found in Colorado, will be part of the redesign. The biomes will display grassland and mountain ecologies.