Upon the successful completion of the undergraduate degree (major) at CU Boulder English, students will be able to:

  • Analyze texts in a variety of genres with precision

  • Write with clarity and elegance

  • Articulate original ideas and arguments in speech and in writing

  • Conduct independent research

  • Demonstrate knowledge of a range of literary forms, theories and histories

  • Deliver engaging presentations

Upon the successful completion of the undergraduate degree in creative writing, students will be able to demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of:

  • Literary works, including the genres of fiction, poetry, playwriting and screenwriting, and the major texts of contemporary writers;

  • Literary history, including the origins and development of genres, major writers of the past, and the role of the writer in society; and

  • Literary analysis, including theories of literary composition and critical theory.

  • In addition, students are expected to demonstrate the abilities to write in various poetic modes and styles, fictive styles, nonfiction styles, and evaluate other students' written work.