Unlike Engineering or Business, the study of literature and creative writing is economically disinterested. For this reason, the Department of English must rely on its friends and alumni for support.  In turn, a gift to the Department of English creates an enduring legacy that shapes many different lives.  By giving to English, you give to generations of future students.

There are many different ways to give, and any gift begins with a donor’s imagination of a positive change in the world. In the past, donors have given scholarships for students and have endowed money for essay competitions.  They have made endowments for graduate research in particular areas, like Shakespeare Studies.

The Department particularly needs to raise funds for an endowed chair, the highest level of attainment for a professor in academe.  This will take great commitment on the part of Colorado Alumni, but it is necessary to attract the best teachers and scholars to our community.

We would be delighted to speak with you about how you would like to change the world.

Please contact either the English Department Chair Sue Zemka, 303-492-5453, or the English department's Manager of Finance and Operations, Anna Parsons, 303-492-7382.