Cayla Eagon
PhD Student

Office: HLMS 01

Cayla D. Eagon is a PhD candidate in English with a BA in Literature and Language from Winthrop University and an MA in Literary and Cultural Studies from Illinois State University where she also earned a Graduate Certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies. Having taught freshman composition at ISU, she now teaches introductory and upper-division literature classes at CU with an emphasis on women writers, themes of madness, ecofeminism, racial ecologies, and speculative futures. She has also worked as a data researcher for the Stainforth Library of Women’s Writing and an editorial assistant for Digital Defoe: Studies in Defoe & His Contemporaries. Beginning in 2019, she will take on a position as site manager for Romantic Circles. In her own work, she combines digital archival research and documents from London archives to explore representations of suicide in newspapers and legal records. Her dissertation, “Choosing Death: Suicide in Victorian Literature and Culture,” also examines novels, poetry, and visual artwork through hermeneutics of mortal agency and self-expression. When she’s not working, Cayla enjoys cooking, hiking, and bouldering.

Areas of Specialization or Interest

  • Victorian literature
  • Suicide and death
  • Women’s and gender studies
  • Women’s life-writing
  • Form of agency
  • Literature and the environment
  • Digital Humanities

Course taught at CU

  • ENGL/WMST-1260: Introduction to Women’s Literature, “‘Bitches Be Crazy’: Exploring Perceptions and Representations of Women’s Madness and Psychological Experiences”
  • ENGL-3060: Modern and Contemporary Literature, “Critical Approaches to Harry Potter”
  • ENGL-3060: Modern and Contemporary Literature, “Mother Nature: Environmental Exploitation in Our Past, Present, and Future”