Meet Talia! She’s an English Literature student at CU Boulder, and we’ve convinced her to join us in an over-air-conditioned office all summer long as our intern. Talia’s a friendly face on the customer service team, and plans to use her writing skills to beef up our blog count. While she's self-proclaimed "artsy fartsy",  we've successfully added app-building to her repertoire of interests, and she's taking coding classes this fall. Welcome to the dark side, T-dog.

Speaking of wanna-be programmers... are you one? Countless adults reach out to us every day asking for a grownup version of Bitsbox. We wish we had a product to offer, and maybe we will in the future. But there's no need to wait for Bitsbox for Oldies to learn how to code! 

We love the following article as a push for grownups to take up coding. It highlights why harder is better and how the path to being programming-capable is bumpy, but oh-so worth it. 

Programming is hard. That's precisely why you should learn it.