This will be an enjoyable Maymester course! We will focus on three austennovels by Jane Austen: Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Sense and Sensibility and view the many film adaptations of them, such as “Clueless,” the Bollywood hit Bride and Prejudice, Austenland and the Zombie take-offs. There will be short writing assignments, including the chance to work on part a screenplay adapting one of the novels. Some of our questions will be what happens when a book is turned into a film; what happens when Austen’s novels are turned into film? What do we learn about Austen when we seen her works visualized? What does Austen have to teach us in the 21st century?

This section is being offered in the Maymester: May 14 - June 1, and is restricted to sophomore, junior and senior students only.
This course may be repeated for up to 6 credits, for different topics.

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