The course will be divided into two parts. First, we shall think together, seminar-style, about what it means to think theoretically today. We shall do so by focusing on the theme of globalism. Specifically, we shall discuss theoretical, literary, and other written and visual works that explore the meaning of globalization as an economic, social, and cultural phenomenon. Subtopics will be dictated in part by current events and may include: global capital and world literature; aesthetics, ethics, and economics; art vs. ideology; symbolic and cultural capital; migration and transnationalism; mobility and identity; corporations and the nation-state; (trans-)nationalism and literature.

In the second part, we shall be “doing theory” in a hands-on, workshop-style setting. Students will create individual reading lists in consultation with the instructor and with input from fellow students on a topic that interests them, read deeply in their chosen area of interest, and lead a class discussion on a key text in that area. The class will culminate in a collection of essays written individually and edited collectively. (With instructor approval, the chosen area may—but doesn’t have to—be related to an ongoing or future honors thesis project.)

This course is restricted to Sophomore, Junior and Senior students, and has a pre-requisite of both ENGL 2112 with a minimum earned grade of C-.
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