ELP is proud to welcome expert guest speakers--Masterminds--from a wide variety of sectors and industries. 

From Masterminds like Monisha Merchant and the Honorable Federico F. Pena we gain illuminating perspectives of leadership through government and civic engagement. Maggie Simbeye and Paul Polak are among leaders who have shared insights about development and social change. We hear from corporate Presidents and CEOs of businesses with global impact, including Google, Lockheed Martin Corp., Textron Inc., LyondellBasell, and National Instruments as well as from experts in the world of technology and entrepreneurship, like David Tarver and Philip Weiser. Through the Conference on World Affairs we engage with speakers such as author David Brin and social science futurologist Jamais Cascio. 

Our students are more than audience members—ELPers engage interactively with our Masterminds and often enjoy more intimate small group meetings with our guests.  

These opportunities fulfill seminar requirements for ELPers on the path to the Engineering Leadership Certificate but we invite the entire campus community to join us in learning from these Masterminds of leadership!