Published: Nov. 28, 2018

The Engineering Leadership Program is excited to announce two new course offerings for the spring 2019 semester, both of which count for humanities and social sciences credit in the College of Engineering:

ENLP 2000: Leadership, Fame, and Failure - Examines the ambition, moral character, prudence, and grit required for effective leadership. Common causes of leadership failure are also considered. A wide variety of ancient and modern leaders are studied in the disciplines of science and technology, politics, business, and military affairs using primary source readings in history, philosophy, and literature. Also explores whether leadership is a teachable art.

ENLP 3000: Intelligent Leadership - Investigates what it means to be "smart.”  In small, discussion-based classes, explores science fiction texts that generate fundamental questions about the dimensions, manifestations, and value of intelligence.  Emphasizes relevance to leadership, with students researching how course themes are reflected in present-day, “real life” technologies, policies, and cultural phenomena.