Published: Nov. 28, 2018

This fall, the Engineering Leadership Program will come under new leadership. ENLP was launched in 2011 and grew under the leadership of JoAnn Zelasko, who is retiring from the College of Engineering and Applied Science after a 15-year career as assistant dean of administration and, later, the director of the Engineering Leadership Program.

The Engineering Leadership Program was an initiative envisioned by the Engineering Advisory Council to engage engineering students in learning about ethics, global leadership and communication. JoAnn was instrumental in creating and nurturing the program over the last seven years, growing it from 12 students at its launch to 125 students last year.

In the fall of 2016, JoAnn transitioned from her role as assistant dean to a part-time role with full time responsibility for the Engineering Leadership Program. This fall, JoAnn will step away from her roles in the College of Engineering and Applied Science to focus on her part-time gig as “granny nanny” for her 2-year-old grandson and other volunteer endeavors.

JoAnn’s work has been tireless in creating this program from the ground up. Her support for ELP students and the college have been greatly appreciated and her energy and dedication will be missed.

At this time, I would like to officially welcome Shilo Brooks as the new director of the Engineering Leadership Program. We conducted a national search that brought us academic and industry candidates from across the nation, and Shilo rose to the top.

Shilo has a doctorate in political science with research emphasis on political and cultural leadership. He has been teaching in the Herbst Humanities Program for the past two years and is excited to shape the next era of the ELP. His vision moving forward is to introduce students to the fundamentals of ethical leadership using historical, literary and philosophic studies of character, ambition and decision-making. Given recent news about corporate leaders in the news for ethical, financial and social misconduct, the need for engineers prepared to lead is greater than ever.

Shilo has already begun working alongside JoAnn over the summer, and the two will continue to collaborate throughout the fall to support a smooth leadership transition in support of the incoming and current students. I am looking forward to the continued growth of the ELP and its partnerships with departments and programs in the college.

Congratulations, Shilo and JoAnn!

All the best,