Mary Spirio
Assistant Director, GoldShirt Program


Mary joined the team in May 2019 as an Assistant Director for the Engineering GoldShirt Program.  Mary’s role as a team member is to provide academic coaching, program implementation, and improve student retention, performance and graduation for students in the Engineering GoldShirt Program.

Mary Spirio possesses skills in grassroots work in creating programs to empower students of color and first- generation students from low-income families. She has a unique perspective on programmatic goals and components from her work in the founding of Riverside Educational Center in Grand Junction, CO. Mary demonstrated her ability to engage students and families to improve their education experiences by providing academic and enrichment support services.  Recently in November 2018, Mary completed an International Master’s degree in Adult Education for Social Change from University of Glasgow, University of Malta, Tallinn University and Open University of Cyprus. While there, she engaged with people from multiple backgrounds which afforded her the opportunity to increase her empathy and appreciation of the diversity of her and students peers.