BS 1998, Chemical Engineering, University of Colorado, BoulderJill Salelanonda Headshot

MS 2007, Chemical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley

Lab Manager | Mammoth Biosciences

Current city: San Francisco, CA

My career path: After undergrad, I worked as an engineer at Eastman Kodak developing inkjet printer inks. After 3 solid winters in Rochester, NY, I knew I wanted to move to the Bay Area. I moved and briefly worked for a small company in the East Bay, also developing inkjet. At this point, I did a career 180, went back and got my MS in ChE at Cal, and restarted working at Gilead Sciences formulating pharmaceutical drug products before moving to Mammoth Biosciences. I did formulation and process development for 8 years and have now transitioned into a lab manager role which supports the labs operationally.

My interest in being a Regional Network Ambassador: I have participated in many great CU alumni events in the past and want to be a part of continuing their success. I’m interested in helping fellow CU alumni connect, build new relationships, and find new opportunities.

Personal interests: Skiing/snowboarding, trying new SF restaurants, cooking/baking, hanging out with friends and family.

Contact me: Email