jacquelyn sullivan
Tisone Co-Director, Integrated Teaching and Learning Program

Jacquelyn F. Sullivan is a founding co-director and director of K-12 Engineering Program for the Integrated Teaching and Learning Program at the University of Colorado Boulder. The program focuses on integrating hands-on engineering throughout the K-16 learning experience. Sullivan initiated the K-12 program, the goal of which is to make the world of engineering and technology come alive for about 2000 K-12 teachers and students annually through professional development workshops, children's classes, summer design/build camps, and a summer residential program for under-served high school students. In addition, Sullivan heads a multi-institutional initiative that created TeachEngineering—an online, searchable, standards-based, digital library collection of K-12 engineering modules. Sullivan was also a member of the National Academy of Engineering Advisory Committee for a recent initiative on improving the public understanding of engineering and the NAE Committee on K-12 Engineering Education.

Prior to joining CU Boulder in 1990, she had 14 years of engineering experience in the energy and software industries. For nine years, she was director of an interdisciplinary research center at CU Boulder working on water resources and environmental engineering simulation and optimization. Since 1993, Sullivan has been involved in the establishment of K-12 magnet and charter schools in Colorado dedicated to preparing all youth for college. She is a founding board member of the Denver School of Science and Technology—a highly successful public high school that concentrates on engineering and technology. She received her PhD in environmental health physics and toxicology from Purdue University.