Eric Antillon HeadshotBS 2010, Civil Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder

MS 2010, Civil Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder

PhD 2016, Civil Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder

AECOM | Transportation Consultant

Current city: Denver, CO

My career path: After completing my BS and MS degrees in 2010, I worked in the Denver area for a building specialty subcontractor. During this time, I decided to pursue a PhD to continue working on research topics focused on transportation project delivery and financing topics. After getting accepted into CU’s Construction Engineering and Management program, I returned to work on my PhD in 2012 for the next 4 years. During this time, I had the opportunity to collaborate and intern with large engineering companies/consultants and public agencies throughout Denver, the Bay Area, the East Coast, and Mexico City, among other areas. After finishing my PhD in 2016 (and becoming a CU Alum “cubed”), I started working for AECOM as a Transportation Consultant in Denver. Colorado is currently undergoing tremendous transportation challenges, and these challenges are being addressed with very innovative solutions ranging from new technologies to new management techniques. I have had the opportunity to participate in a variety of programmatic transportation endeavors as a consultant, helping key state and local agencies ever since, and I plan to continue focusing on such issues both locally and globally. 

My interest in being a Regional Network Ambassador: I am a proud CU Alum, I stay engaged with CU events and alumni when given the opportunity, and have even kept close working relationships with CU professors throughout the years. I also enjoy returning to campus for recruiting events and football games. As a Denver Network Ambassador, I want to help network, meet, and make meaningful connections with other CU Engineering Alumni in the region.

Personal interests: I enjoy outdoor activities depending on the time of the year including snowboarding, mountain biking, and hiking. I am also an amateur homebrewer, and I enjoy traveling to other countries.

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