University of Colorado at Boulder

Scope of Energy Storage Research at CU - Boulder

Energy storage research at CU-Boulder focuses on energy storage technology applicable to both large-scale utility energy levels and intermediate-scale distributed energy levels in Colorado, and Renewable Energy Credit Trading and its effect on world markets. The corrent areas of research focus are:

  • Utility-Scale Pumped Hydroelectric Energy Storage (PHES) Colorado Site Analysis
  • Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) Opportunities in Colorado
  • Underground Pumped Hydroelectric Energy Storage (UPHS) for Agriculture and Other Uses in Colorado
  • Carbon Credit and REC Trading and its Success in the Developing World
The conventional pumped hydroelectric and compressed air systems are studied for application in high energy utility-scale installations in Colorado. The underground pumped hydroelectric storage system studies focus on applying this method for use with underground aquifers in distributed agricultural irrigation systems, though large-scale installations and additional options for this method are explored. Research investigates the opportunities to economically install and operate these storage systems in the state of Colorado. It is hoped that these findings could be beneficial to other states and countries across the world, and serve as a starting point and motivation to embark on further assessments of this type.

In addition to these focused studies, this research fosters a continuing investigation of the energy storage industry, technologies, and literature associated with the storage of electricity.