Chester L. Karrass
Mechanical Engineering
Private Practice

You've probably seen his ad as you thumb through an airline magazine in route to a business meeting in another state. If so, you've certainly read that he is a graduate of the College of Engineering at the University of Colorado.

Widely regarded as the nation's premier authority on business negotiation, Chester L. Karrass began his career as a contract negotiator for such companies as Litton Industries and Hughes Aircraft Company. Over almost 20 years in industry, he learned first-hand that successful business transactions rely on effective negotiating. But he didn't stop there. He took this understanding, along with his substantial experience, and wove them into something much greater. After conducting intensive research and experimentation into every facet of the negotiating process, earning himself a doctorate in business administration, he founded Karrass Seminars (now Karrass Ltd.), the largest negotiating training company in the United States and Europe.

Since 1972, Dr. Karass has provided valuable educational services to hundreds of clients including IBM, General Electric, Mobil, Shell and General Motors. His course, taken by some 500,000 business professionals, is taught at companies throughout the United States and in 25 countries worldwide.

Dr. Karrass, who was awarded the first Howard Hughes Doctoral Fellowship in Business Administration in 1965, has written four books on negotiations and business management and has had numerous articles published in trade journals. A master negotiator, he is also a pioneer in negotiation education, a skilled researcher and a confident public speaker. He has helped numerous engineers, lawyers, doctors, salespeople and CEOs to better understand and use the art of effective negotiation.

His engineering and business education began at CU-Boulder, where he received dual bachelor's degrees in mechanical engineering and business in 1947 and 1948. He went on to earn a master's degree in business administration from Columbia University in 1951, and a Doctor of Business Administration from the University of Southern California in 1969. Dr. Karrass has a son, Gary, and daughter, Lynn. He and his wife, Erika, live in Los Angeles.