The COVID-19 pandemic has been a major disruption for our college community, both from an academic and a professional career perspective. Based on early survey data from employer partners at CU Boulder and nationally, here are some updates on how you can continue to remain ProReady:

Updated: 8/4/20

Ben Weihrauch, Sr. Director of Student Professional Development at CU Engineering, shares his thoughts and findings on the initial impact of COVID-19 on internship and post-graduate hiring trends (right).

Updated: 6/12/20, 8:30am

COVID-19, ProReady, and CEAS Graduate Students: June 10th 

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all college students and recent graduates, including their career development and job searches. Graduate students, because of their more specialized focus, are uniquely impacted from undergraduate students. Check out a video recap of the presentation content (right) focused on current hiring trends post-COVID and ProReady strategies focused on graduate students. 

Updated: 4/13/20, 4:40pm

Graduating Students

COVID-19 has created uncertainty in the full-time hiring market. For students who already have an employment offer, most companies are honoring those offers with a few cases of offers being rescinded. However, graduates may see delayed start dates and/or remote work settings with their employer.

For current job seekers, many companies are continuing to recruit for current and future positions, though company strategies may range from “wait-and-see” to full hiring freezes. These trends are relevant to all STEM industry sectors and employer profiles, including private sector employers of all sizes, government-affiliated employers, and academia.

For graduating students planning on attending graduate school in Fall 2020 and beyond, we encourage you to stay in contact with representatives from the program/institution you will be attending (or planning to attend). Topics of concern may include onboarding processes in the Fall, funding sources (EX: financial aid, scholarships, assistantships), and implications of Pass/Fail notations on your transcript. 

Continuing Students

Data from CU employer partners, as well as national data, suggest that many employers are unsure how COVID-19 will impact summer internships. Many employers are modifying their internship programs, including delayed start dates, reduced internship length, moving to remote work, and/or reduction of internship positions.

For students graduating in 2021, employer data suggests cautious optimism for recruiting, but there definitely will be challenges for job seekers for the foreseeable future. There may be a shift in on-campus recruitment strategy, with more employers engaging via virtual recruitment. However, all on-campus recruitment activities (career fairs, employer info sessions, on-campus interviews) are subject to guidance from state, local, and CU officials.

In addition, research opportunities (both on and off campus) are experiencing uncertainty. Some programs, such as CU Summer Program for Undergraduate Research (SPUR) have been cancelled. Other labs on campus may see significant reduction of student opportunities this summer. Research opportunities at off-campus labs, such as government-affiliated and NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU), may also be impacted.

Students planning to study abroad in 2020 should monitor updates from CU’s Education Abroad Office for information on program impacts. This page is updated frequently.