Design-Build Selector (DBS)
National Science Foundation University of Colorado - Civil Engineering

This site is designed to aid public sector owners in choosing projects which are appropriate for design-build contracting. DBS has been constructed with data from over 100 completed public sector design-build projects. DBS is a predictive tool and advisory system. It will produce an overall rating for the appropriateness of projects for design-build. Additionally, it offers advice on the design-build method of contracting in the public sector.

If you are a first time user of the DBS, please visit the Design-Build Selector (DBS) Demo. The DBS Demo is a tutorial which will provide you with operating instructions.


DBS should only be used as one tool for contract selection. The predictive score and advice should only be used to aid in design-build selection, not as the sole reason for choosing the design-build method of contracting. The DBS output is only a prediction based on past projects. Each construction project is unique and your results may vary.

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