University of Colorado at Boulder
Calendar : Environmental Engineering Design 
Date Topic Due
8/29 Course overview, form teams & select projects  
8/31 iCAST presentation on 2 projects; Present requirements for proposal and workplan  
9/5 Alternatives evaluation and comparison Timesheet and team meeting minutes
9/7 Group work time  
9/12 Prof mtgs with teams timesheet
9/14 effective oral presentations  
9/19 3 proposal presentations timesheet and team mtg minutes
9/21 3 proposal presentations HW1: WRITTEN PROPOSAL AND WORKPLAN
9/26 professor meetings with each team timesheet
9/28 lecture on lifecycle analysis  
10/3 CVEN4830 Proj Financing lecture timesheet; team mtg minutes
CVEN4830: failure topic selected
10/5 Group work time
10/10 Prof mtgs with teams timesheet
10/12 Project Economic Analysis HW2: evaluation of proposal presentations
10/17 prof mtg with teams timesheet; team mtg minutes
10/19 Group work time  
10/24 CVEN4830: Ethics lecture timesheet
10/26 Prof meetings with teams  
10/31 CVEN4830: Prof Liability lecture timesheets; team mtg minutes
11/7 prof mtg with teams timesheet
11/9 Group work time  
11/14 CVEN4830: Specs & Stds lecture timesheet and team mtg minutes
11/16 Service learning discussion  
11/21 No Class - Thanksgiving Break  
11/23 No Class - Thanksgiving Break  
11/28 Group work time
timesheet and team mtg minutes
CVEN4830: Failure Analysis Report
CVEN5434 draft report
11/30 prof mtg with teams HW4: Service Learning Paper
12/5 CVEN4830: Ethics lecture
prof mtg with groups as needed
12/7 Oral Final Presentation CVEN 4830: Lecture Write-up Due
12/12 Oral Final Presentation  
12/14 Faculty Course Questionnaires (FCQs)
Oral Final Presentation
HW5: FINAL Written Alternatives Assessment & Preliminary Design REPORT
Final timesheet
CVEN5434: Extra report
Final No EXAM, schedule time for individual exit interviews