University of Colorado at Boulder
Assignments : Environmental Engineering Design 
Abbrv Description Due
Written Proposal and Workplan; Oral Proposal
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1st Presentation Video Comments
Written Alternatives Assessment
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Learning Reflection Paper
Oral presentation of Alt/Design
Written Alt Assessment and Preliminary Design
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Assignments are due at the beginning of class on the date shown. Making deadlines on time is critical when you are a professional engineer, so the deadlines for this course are also strict. If you have a time conflict which does not allow you to submit homework on time, please see me in advance. All other late assignments receive a 33% penalty for each day late.

  • send e-mail ( I check my e-mail frequently and try to respond to all questions ASAP.
  • come to office hours; if you cannot make the scheduled times, call to set up an appointment or ask for help
  • Written communication skills are vital to your success as an engineer. Therefore, pay careful attention to formatting and mechanics. For this class, proper formatting and style will be worth 10-25% of the total assignment score, so take as much care with style as you do with the content. In addition, be sure to cite all sources or references used and do not directly copy another source without giving proper quotation form and credit (avoid plagiarizing). Reports should be typed or prepared with word processing software. Take advantage of the spell-check on your computer but don't rely on it... many "typos" slip by your computer. In addition, have someone else help you proof-read.