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Sponsored by Chevron through their University Partnership Program, the BOLD Student Success Center (SSC) provides free, drop-in tutoring for a wide variety of courses throughout the academic year. Open to all engineering students Sunday through Friday, the SSC is a space for students to ask questions, get extra help or polish their skills in a friendly and mutually supportive setting. With a convenient schedule and friendly, encouraging tutors, the SSC is a great resource for anyone who wants a leg up on their coursework. Students who take advantage of the SSC earn GPAs one-half to a whole letter grade higher compared to those who do not.

Our team is staffed by trained graduate and undergraduate students who demonstrate strong skills in their area of expertise, ranging from general courses like Calculus and Chemistry to more specialized upper-division courses like Circuits, Material & Energy Balances, and Thermodynamics. Drop-in during operating hours at your leisure!

SSC Tutoring Schedule

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