Three courses are required for the Energy Engineering minor.

Note that you must have taken both CHEN 3660 and ENVS 3621 before enrolling in ENEN 4600.

Prerequisites: (CHEN 1211 or CHEM 1113 or MCEN 1024) and PHYS 1110 and (APPM 1360 or MATH 2300)

Offered spring semester only.

Explains the most important energy technologies and systems; provides tools to analyze performance using science and engineering principles. This course will investigate important energy concepts from sources and extraction to utilization, storage and efficiency. Topics include fossil fuels, hydropower, renewable energy, biofuels, carbon capture and waste disposal.

Prerequisites: (Recommended) ENVS 1000 and ENVS 3070 or PHYS 3070.

Offered spring semester only.

Examines how society makes decisions about energy, and how these decisions affect the environment and the economy. Uses tools from policy analysis, economics, and other disciplines to build an in-depth understanding of energy's role in U.S. contemporary society. Applies to specialization requirement for Environmental Studies major.

Prerequisites: CHEN 3660 and ENVS 3621 and Enrollement in the Energy Engineering Minor

Offered fall semester only.

Prepares students to analyze energy systems from technical, economic, and policy perspectives, with specific project topics varying by semester.  Provides historical and contemporary context of the energy landscape. Emphasizes application of engineering fundamentals for the design and evaluation of real-world energy systems. Projects will be completed in inter-disciplinary teams.