Curriculum and Course Options

The minors consist of a selection of technical energy courses, an energy policy course, and an interdisciplinary projects course, which is comprised of students who are enrolled in the minor and is focused on the design and analysis of energy technologies from a technical, economic, and policy perspective.

18 credit hours is required for the minor, with two mandated courses, one required policy/sustainability course from the short list below, and three electives chosen from the linked list below.

  • CHEN 3660 Energy Fundamentals (Spring semester only)
  • ENEN 4600 Energy Engineering Projects (Fall semester only)

one of the following 3 courses:

  • ENVS 3070 Energy and the Environment
  • ENVS 3621 Energy Policy and Society (Spring semester only)
  • MCEN 4032 Sustainable Energy




Please contact the Energy Engineering Minor faculty director, Dr. Michael Walker (Mike.Walker@Colorado.EDU).