About Us: BOLD Staff and BAC

Breaking down barriers.

The Broadening Opportunity through Leadership and Diversity (BOLD) Center is part of CU Boulder’s commitment to creating an environment where students like you achieve their dreams. Our mission is to graduate diverse engineers who are prepared to change the world. 

Engineering is essential to the health, safety and development the world—and the strongest engineering solutions are created by a work force diverse in gender, ethnicity and socioeconomic representation. The BOLD Center fosters success by providing various academic resources, student leadership opportunities and a supportive community in order to break down the barriers that keep too many of today’s young talent from reaching their aspirations.

Through a holistic, inclusive approach and with research-driven methods, the BOLD Center strives to achieve parity in diversity between CU Engineering students and the greater Colorado population. BOLD pieces together many aspects of the diversity puzzle, working with underrepresented engineering students from their first year at CU until graduation. With community-building programs, free tutoring, and opportunities for professional development and industry networking, the BOLD Center is more than just a student center—it’s a community!