Educational Technology House

Integrating Teaching and Technology Educational Technology House (ETH) is a collaborative effort between the Faculty Teaching Excellence Program and the Department of Computer Science. The program will provide resources for faculty to create significant, high-impact educational technology projects, without requiring faculty to acquire technical expertise. These projects will be developed by undergraduates in the Department of Computer Science, as part of an on-going, project- based course. ETH was launched in Spring 2000. Addressing Faculty Needs Can you envision incorporating interactive, computer-based learning modules into your courses? Perhaps a web site similar to a project developed at Princeton in which a "clickable" 17th century map of Rome is an interface to a vast database of images and text about the history of Roman architecture? Or perhaps a tool for annotating original texts that will help your students learn how to read analytically? Or an interactive simulation that will help students learn about scientific concepts? ETH can provide resources to help you integrate teaching and technology by working with you to develop significant software projects that have the potential to enhance your students' learning experience. Our staff is available to consult with you about how technology could be integrated into your courses, and about how to develop a project proposal.If your project idea is selected by ETH, you will work with a team of ETH students who have the technical expertise to make your project idea a reality. Our team will provide high-quality, in-depth support, and will work with you through all phases of the project - design, implementation, deployment, assessment, and refinement. The development time for projects will be between 12 and 24 months. Providing Learning Opportunities for Undergraduates ETH is intended not only to meet faculty needs, but also to meet the needs of students in the Department of Computer Science for long-term project work with real clients. Students need to develop the technical and managerial skills required for such projects, and learning by doing is the best way to develop these skills. ETH students will have their own laboratory and will be supervised by Computer Science faculty and teaching assistants. ETH will offer students the opportunity to embark on project-based work at the start of their studies, and to participate in this work throughout their undergraduate career. Over time, experienced ETH students will move into leadership roles and will mentor new ETH students.


Submitting a Project Proposal

To submit a project proposal, or schedule a consultation, please fill out the Project Proposal Submission page. One of our staff or students will contact you to discuss how you can participate in ETH.

For more information, contact:

Cathy Brand
ETH Coordinator
Faculty Teaching Excellence Program
Norlin N410E
Campus Box 360
(303) 492-1707