Introduction to Aerospace Structures (ASEN 3112) - Fall 2016
Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences
University of Colorado at Boulder

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Part I: Stresses, Strains, Material Properties, Plane Stress
Lecture 1 Index. Stress in 3D.
Lecture 2 Index. Average Stresses & Component Design.
Lecture 3 Index. Thin Wall Pressure Vessels.
Lecture 4 Index. Strains.
Lecture 5 Index. Stress-Strain Material Laws.
Lecture 6 Index. Plane Stress Transformations.
Part II: Torsion
Lecture 7 Index. Torsion of Circular Cross Sections.
Lecture 8 Index. Torsion of Open Thin Wall (OTW) Sections.
Lecture 9 Index. Torsion of Closed Thin Wall (CTW) Sections.
Part III: Beam Deflectionss
Lecture 10 Index. Beam deflections by 2nd Order Method.
Lecture 11 Index. Beam deflections by 4th Order Method & Adl' Topics.
Lecture 12 Index. Beam deflections by Discontinuity Functions.
Part IV: Introduction to Finite Elements and the Direct Stiffness Method
Lecture 13 Index. The Direct Stiffness Method I.
Lecture 14 Index. The Direct Stiffness Method II.
Lecture 15 Index. The Direct Stiffness Method III.
Lecture 16 Index. FEM Analysis of Plane Beam Structure.
Part V: Introduction to Structural Dynamics and Vibrations
Lecture 17 Index. Free SDOF Oscillator.
Lecture 18 Index. Harmonically Forced SDOF Oscillator.
Lecture 19 Index. MDOF Dynamical Systems.
Lecture 20 Index. Modal Analysis of Undamped Unforced MDOF Systems.
Lecture 21 Index. Modal Analysis of Undamped Forced MDOF Systems.
Lecture 22 Index. Modal Analysis of Damped Forced MDOF Systems.
Part VI: Introduction to Structural Stability
Lecture 23 Index. Stability of Structures: Basic Concepts.
Lecture 24 Index. Stability of Structures: Discrete Models.
Lecture 25 Index. Stability of Structures: Continuous Models.
Lecture 26 Index. Stability of Structures: Additional Topics.

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