NFEM Exam Material

NFEM Exam Material - Fall 2017

*Take Home Midterm Exam 1. Posted Friday October 7 afternoon, due Thursday October 12 at class time.
Here are *Midterm Exam 1 Solutions

*Take Home Midterm Exam 2. Posted Friday November 10 noon, due Thursday November 16 at class time.
Useful stuff for Exam 2, in case Mathematica is used as programming language (else use the equations in Addendum I of the exam text)
Here is useful stuff in text form, so it will show up on your screen.

*Take Home Final Exam. Posted Wed Dec 13 afternoon, due on or before Wed May 20 by 1pm.

Copy of the Figure for Question 4 in PDF format and in EPS format

Final exam log file recording updates and corrections since posting. Please check periodically.

Here are Final Exam Solutions Under preparation.

Last update: December 30, 2017.