Matrix Finite Element Methods in Dynamics (Course in Preparation) - Date TBA
Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences
University of Colorado at Boulder

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Part I: Overview of Structural and Solid Dynamics Under construction
Chapter 1 Index. Overview of Dynamic Systems. In progress.
Part II: Point-Mass Particle (PMP) Models Under construction
Chapter 2 Index. PMP and LMDFE Models: Kinematics (under construction)
Chapter 3 Index. PMP and LMDFE Models: Kinetics (under construction)
Chapter 4 Index. PMP Models: Matrix EOM Formulation. In progress.
Chapter 5 Index. PMP Models: Kinematic Constraints. In progress.
Chapter 6 Index. PMP Model: Variational Framework. In progress.
Chapter 7 Index. Forced Vibration: Resonance
Chapter 8 Index. Damping Effects

Part III: Finite Element Dynamic Models Under construction
Chapter 9 Index. Dynamics and Vibrations Overview.
Chapter 10 Index. Placeholder
Chapter 11 Index. Placeholder
Chapter 12 Index. Placeholder

Part IV: Wave Propagation Under construction
Chapter 13 Index. Placeholder
Chapter 14 Index. Placeholder
Chapter 15 Index. Placeholder

Part V: Mass Matrices Under construction
Chapter 16 Index. Mass Matrix Construction Overview
Chapter 17 Index. Standard Mass Matrices for Bar Elements
Chapter 18 Index. Standard Mass Matrices for Plane Beam Elements
Chapter 19 Index. Standard Mass Matrices for Plane Stress Elements
Chapter 20 Index. Placeholder
Chapter 21 Index. Mass Templates: General Description
Chapter 22 Index. Mass Templates for Bar2 Element
Chapter 23 Index. Mass Templates for Bar3 Element
Chapter 24 Index. Mass Templates for Plane Beam Elements
Chapter 25 Index. Mass Templates for Plane Stress Elements
Chapter 26 Index. Placeholder

Part VI: Direct Time Integration Under construction
Chapter 27 Index. Placeholder
Chapter 28 Index. Placeholder
Chapter 29 Index. Placeholder
Chapter 30 Index. Placeholder
Chapter 31 Index. Placeholder

Part VII. Advanced Topics in Dynamics Under construction
Chapter 32 Index. Placeholder
Chapter 33 Index. Placeholder
Chapter 34 Index. Placeholder
Chapter 35 Index. Placeholder

Appendix D Index. Mass Matrix Diagonalization
Appendix H Index. A Short History of Mass Matrices
Appendix I Index. Implementation of the Bar3 Template in Mathematica
Appendix V Index. Mass Templates in a Variational Framework
Appendix R Index. References (in progress)

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