ASEN 5519-006: Fluid-Structure Interaction - Spring 2004
Aerospace Engineering Sciences - University of Colorado at Boulder

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*Course announcement for Spring 2004.

*Chapter 1 Index. Coupled Systems.
*Chapter 2 Index. Partitioned Analysis Overview.
*Chapter 3 Index. Introduction to Stability Analysis.
*Chapter 4 Index. Stability Analysis Tools.
*Chapter 5 Index. Accuracy Analysis Tools.
*Chapter 6 Index. Structural Dynamics Time Integration.
*Chapter 7 Index. Partitioned Solution Procedures.
*Chapter 8 Index. Operational Analysis of Time Integrators.
*Chapter 9 Index. Characteristic Stability Equations. Expanded 4/27/04.
*Chapter 10 Index. Structure-Structure Interaction.
*Chapter 11 Index. Control-Structure Interaction.
*Class Project Index.
NATO-ARW paper (PDF)
CISM Lectures of June 20, 2006 (PPT)

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