Advanced Variational Methods In Mechanics (Course in Preparation) - Date TBA
Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences
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This is the public web site for the graduate core course (id TBA): Advanced Variational Methods in Mechanics (AVMM), which is under preparation. This master and doctoral level elective course will be part of the Aerospace Systems Focus Area of the graduate curriculum in the Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences of the University of Colorado at Boulder. Selected Chapters of Parts I-III are taught as part of the AFEM graduate course (ASEN 6347) in the list below. Related courses may be accessed at
AFEM: Advanced Finite Element Methods (ASEN 6347) . Master & doctoral level
IFEM: Introduction to Finite Element Methods (ASEN 5007) . Master (core) & senior-elective level
FSI: Fluid Structure Interaction (ASEN 5509) . Advanced doctoral level
MFEMD: Matrix Finite Element Methods in Dynamics . Master & senior-elective level (in preparation)
MFEMS: Matrix Finite Element Methods in Statics . Master & senior-elective level (in preparation)
NFEM: Nonlinear Finite Element Methods (ASEN 6107) . Master & doctoral level
JSTR: Structures (ASEN 3112) . Junior undergraduate level

Part I: Introduction to Variational Calculus
Chapter 1 Index. Variational Calculus Overview.
Chapter 2 Index. The Basic Functional.
Chapter 3 Index. Generalizations of the Basic Functional.
Chapter 4 Index. General Variation of a Functional.
Chapter 5 Index. Equality Constraints.
Part II: Poisson Problems
Chapter 6 Index. Decomposition of Poisson Problems. AFEM HW#1 and solutions posted
Chapter 7 Index. Weak and Variational Forms of Poisson's Equation. AFEM HW#2 posted & solutions posted
Part III: The Variational Principles of Mechanics
Chapter 8 Index. The Bernoulli-Euler Beam. HW#2 solutions posted
Chapter 9 Index. Placeholder
Chapter 10 Index. Three-Dimensional Linear Elastostatics.
Chapter 11 Index. The HR Variational Principle of Elastostatics.
Chapter 12 Index. The Three-Field Variational Principle of Elastostatics Not covered
Chapter 13 Index. Hybrid Variational Principles: Formulation. AFEM HW#4, due 2/16/17, posted.
Chapter 14 Index. Hybrid Variational Principles: 1D Application Examples. Renovated Feb 2017
Chapter 15 Index. Hybrid Variational Principles: 2D Application Examples. In progress.
Chapter 16 Index. Placeholder
Part IV: Parametrized Variational Principles
Chapter 17 Index. Placeholder
Chapter 18 Index. Placeholder
Chapter 19 Index. Placeholder
Chapter 20 Index. Placeholder
Part V: Modified Equation Methods
Chapter 21 Index. Placeholder
Chapter 22 Index. Placeholder
Chapter 23 Index. Placeholder
Part VI: FIC-Based Variational Principles for 1D Solid-Fluid Problems
Chapter 24 Index. Static Analysis (under construction)
Chapter 25 Index. Spectral Analysis (under construction)
Chapter 26 Index. Direct Time Integration (under construction)
Part VII: FIC-Based Variational Principles for 2D Solid-Fluid Problems
Chapter 27 Index. Invariant Higher Derivative Forms TBD
Chapter 28 Index. Invariant Variational Forms TBD
Chapter 29 Index. Static Analysis TBD
Chapter 30 Index. Direct Time Integration TBD
Part VIII: FIC-Based Variational Principles for 3D Solid-Fluid Problems
Chapter 31 Index. Invariant Higher Derivative Forms TBD
Chapter 32 Index. Invariant Variational forms TBD
Chapter 33 Index. Static Analysis TBD
Chapter 34 Index. Direct Time Integration TBD
Part IX: FIC-Based Variational Principles for Diffusion-Absorption & Helmholtz Problems
Chapter 35 Index. Computational Mechanics 2007 paper
Chapter 36 Index. Placeholder
Appendix A Index. Mathematical Background of Variational Calculus
Appendix R Index. References (in progress).

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