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Research Collaborations

japerez@us.es (Dr. J. A. González), luisroteso@us.es (Luis Rodriguez-Tembleque): BEM-FEM /BEM-BEM coupling.

kfalvin@sandia.gov (Dr. K. F. Alvin): Parallel Substructuring, System Identification and Damage Detection.

carlos@titan.colorado.edu (Prof. Carlos A. Felippa): Multiphysics, Contact Problems, FEM, and Parallel Computing.

mcnatori@isas.jaxa.jp (Prof. M. C. Natori): Dynamics of Space Structures.

ohayon@cnam.fr (Prof. Roger Ohayon): Fluid-Structure Interactions and Multibody Dynamics.

Hiraku.Sakamoto@Colorado.EDU (Hiraku Sakamoto): Postdoctoral Fellow Working on Membranous Space Structures.

timothy.m.straube1@jsc.nasa.gov (Tim Straube): PhD Student Working on Modeling of MEMS gyros.

finnlee25@yahoo.co.kr (Moonseok Lee): PhD Student at KAIST Working on External Acoustic-Structure Interactions.

K. C. Park, Professor
Center for Aerospace Structures
University of Colorado

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