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Recent Lectures

Lectures on Partitioned Analysis, University of Hannover (May 18-20, 2015, Hannover, Germany)
Three Lectures on Partitioned Analysis

Lecture on Structural System Identification, Lund University(April 20 - May 4, 2015, Lund, Sweden)
Eight Lectures on Structural System Identification

Invited Lecture at KAIST(November 20, 2014, Daejeon, Korea)
Eddy Viscosity-Driven Energy Loss Mechanisms

Invited Lecture at Braunschweig University(July 17, 2014, Braunschweig, Fermany)
A Simultaneous Tailoring of Flexible Structures and Feedback Control: an Interdisciplinary Approach

Invited Lecture at Lund University(October 28, 2013, Lund, Sweden)
Analyses, Model Tests and Design Modifications for Vibration/Noise Mitigation

Plenary Lecture at COUPLED2011(June 22, 2011, Kos, Greece)
Continuum-Based Modeling of Combined Acoustic and Sloshing Problems Interacting with Flexible Structures

Semi-plenary Lecture at COMPDYN2011(May 27, 2011, Corfu, Greece)
A Method for Computation of Discontinuous Wave Propagation in Heterogeneous Solids

Invited Talk at UKC2010 Conference, Seattle, August 2010

Seminar at Braunschweig University, Germany, June 2010
Paradigm Changes from Analytical to Data-Driven Engineering Modeling: Is It a Boon or Menace?

Seminar at Pusan National University, Busan, Korea, April 2010
System Theory-?Based Identification of Dynamical Models and Applications.

Seminar at University of Tokyo, October 2009
Recent Developments in External Acoustic Models for Flexible Underwater Vehicle Dynamics

Keynote Lecture at KSAS-JSASS Meeting, Nobemver 2008
Aerospace Structures: Future Thrusts.

Sandia Lab Seminar Lecture, August 2008
Nonlinear System Identification.

WCCM-VIII, Venice, July 2008
Staggered Solution Procedure: Fondest Hopes.

CIMNE Lecture, Barcelona, June 2008
Structure-External Acoustics Interactions.

USNCCM2007 Lecture, San Francisco, July 2007
DAlembert-Lagrange Principal Equations.

Coupled2008 Lecture, Ibiza, Spain, May 2007
On Transforming Tight Coupling Into Loose Coupling.

WCCM-VII Lecture, Los Angeles, July 2006
New Interpretations of Lagrange Multipliers.

Int'l Conf. on Sound and Vibration, Vienna, Austria, July 2006
New Approximations of External Acoustic-Structural Interactions.

University of Sevilla, Spain. May 2006.
Partitioned Analysis and Applications.

Eurodyn2005, September 2005.
Partitioned Formulation with Localized Lagrange Multipliers And its Applications.

NATO Workshop, Slovenia, June 2004
Reduced-Order Partitioned Modeling of Coupled Systems.


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