Home Page of Carlos A. Felippa

Home Page of Carlos A. Felippa

Professor of Aerospace Engineering Sciences
Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences
and Center for Aerospace Structures
College of Engineering and Applied Science
University of Colorado at Boulder, CO 80309-0429, USA.

Biographical Information

One page vita in PDF
Full vita in PDF and in TeX
Personal pictures.
Family & friends information & pictures.

Recent Publications & Reports

Began June 2000. In preparation to eventually post all electronically available papers and reports.

Regular Course Offerings at the University of Colorado

Introduction to Finite Element Methods (ASEN 5007): 3-credit core graduate course, first taught Fall 1986, offered every year.
Nonlinear Finite Element Methods (ASEN 5107): 3-credit Technical Elective graduate course, first taught Spring 1987, offered every 2-3 years. [Covers geometric nonlinearities only, because material nonlinearities are taught in Civil Engineering courses.]
Advanced Finite Element Methods (ASEN 5367): 3-credit Technical Elective graduate course, first taught Spring 1990, offered every 2-3 years. Syllabus under complete revision 2000.
Structures (ASEN 3112): 4-credit core junior course merging the old-curriculum Structures 1 and 2 courses. Part of AES Curriculum 2000, first taught Fall 1998, offered every year. Note: web site moved to university's WebCT (web course tools) on Fall 2000; password access required.

Irregularly Offered or Discontinued Courses

Variational Methods in Mechanics (ASEN 5637): 3-credit Technical Elective graduate course, first taught Spring 1987, offered irregularly by C. A. Felippa and C. Farhat in the early 1990s, now being merged into Advanced Finite Element Methods (ASEN 5367).
Object-Oriented Finite Element Programming: Special Topics course offered Fall 1992.
Mechanics of Aerospace Structures (ASEN 5012): created Fall 1996 and 1997, now a core graduate course offered each Fall by L. D. Peterson and Kurt Maute.
Finite Element Programming with Mathematica: Special Topics course offered Fall 1997.
Fluid-Structure Interaction(ASEN 5519): created Spring 2004, web site in progress.

Regional Information for Visitors

Campus, City and Airport-to-Boulder Maps
Airport (DIA) to Boulder Transportation Originally prepared for the Fifth US National Congress in Computational Mechanics (USNCCM99) held at Boulder on August 1999, but some information is still useful. Near-campus lodging Information, also prepared for USNCCM99 but still useful.
Technical Books and Supplies on campus
Boulder Restaurants w/location map (PDF).
City of Boulder Web site.

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