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For 25 years BioServe has successfully partnered with NASA, industry and other organizations to conduct ground- and space-based research to support the development of new scientific breakthroughs and technologies that benefit human space exploration and have commercially viable Earth-based applications. BioServe’s mission has focused on supporting industry to improve U.S. economic competitiveness and providing valuable benefits to the public. BioServe not only has expertise in the area of mission integration and operations and life sciences but also in the area of partnership development. BioServe has had significant success over the last 25 years developing partnerships with industry and other organizations to conduct fundamental and applied space life science research.

Partnering successfully with over 125 different companies
and organizations for over 25 years

The Center has supported hundreds of individual ground- and space-based life science investigations. Our full suite of flight certified hardware has supported a wide variety of space life sciences including molecular processes, cell and tissue culture and the development and adaptation of various plants and organisms to microgravity up to and including higher plant and rodent (rats and mice) model organisms. Our core competency is enabling the conduct of space life science research in a highly regulated environment in such a way as to make the complicated process completely transparent yet cost efficient to our customers. Other than NASA, no organization in the US, University-based or otherwise, has flown the quantity and diversity of payload hardware as BioServe. Nearly all of the payload hardware flown in support of BioServe’s partners was designed, built, tested and flight qualified within BioServe’s engineering organization. Currently, all BioServe ISS payloads are operated by BioServe personnel through a remote Payload Operation and Control Center (POCC) located on site at our facility.

Our focus on science success

One other aspect that differentiates BioServe from other payload providers is BioServe’s focus on science success. BioServe is a small and flexible organization that has a history of designing and modifying hardware to fit the research rather than fitting the research to the hardware. BioServe is acutely aware that the opportunities to fly research in space are limited. Thus, it is important to support any research flying to the station in such a manner as to give it the best chance of success. At BioServe, hardware and experiment conditions are designed with that goal in mind. While BioServe strives to make the process of flying transparent to its customers, it actively engages with its customers with regards to the research and research requirements. Space flight hardware is provided to the researchers as early in the process as possible for training and science testing. This ensures the researcher is familiar with any limitation that may present itself during the experiment development process. It also enables BioServe to modify hardware configurations or designs, if necessary, in order to successfully support the research.


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