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Over the last 25 years BioServe has helped its partners conduct hundreds of individual life science research experiments on the ground and in space in the areas of:

• molecular processes,
• microorganisms,
• microbial systems,
• vaccine development,
• immunology,
• plant development and adaptation to microgravity,
• cell and tissue culture,
• muscle and bone loss, and
• small invertebrates and insects.

In addition to supporting its customers' research BioServe conducts its own research in a few key areas. Much of BioServe’s own body of scientific work has biotechnology applications and involves animals, plants and microorganisms. A unique aspect of BioServe is that it has faculty and staff with engineering and life science expertise to help coordinate the needs of both teams for the conduct of space life science research.

Space flight provides a unique test bed for developing new technologies, products or processes with ultimate benefits targeted towards space and terrestrial applications. The microgravity environment can be used to better understand, accelerate or retard biophysical/biochemical processes, which could lead to new biologically based products or improve existing ones, via process-oriented applied research.

A viable research tool that provides a “value added” factor to a commercial product, process or service.

Some of the research flown by BioServe and its partners focuses on how space flight can be used as a viable research “tool” to provide a “value added” factor to a commercial product, process or service. 

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